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Author's Note

The Austerity of Hope is in many ways a love letter to a significant period of my life, the people I knew, the locales we frequented and the experiences we shared. Most things that take place on stage occurred, and if they didn’t happen, they easily could have. These characters and situations are very real and that’s what I think makes people of all backgrounds connect with it on a deep level.

This play was written in a time of great hopelessness and disillusionment about everything from Prop 8 to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to the gay suicide epidemic. As it has been developed and performed, we have witnessed the repeal of DADT, the “It Gets Better” campaign and the passage of marriage equality in New York. And as we laid the groundwork for the most recent production, the first sitting US President publicly announced his support for gay marriage.

“My friend Mike called it a long journey”—and it really has been. The response to this show has far surpassed any expectation I ever imagined. There are many people responsible for making this happen and while I hesitate to list them all, you would not be reading this if it wasn’t for our deeply supportive producer Elyssa Rabinowitz.

I hope you have fun spending time with these characters—I know I have.

Dan Fingerman

January 2013